Studio Policy


 Studio Policy

Please read this studio policy carefully.

When things are running smoothly that means my time, energy and attention are focused on teaching you or your child.

My Responsibilities:

I will teach your child the language of music. l teach music with this single purpose: so my students will be able to give voice to that which they cannot say and for which they have no words. My studio has a positive and enthusiastic environment. I will tailor the curriculum to match your child’s specific learning needs.  I will be available to answer phone calls and emails Monday-Friday. I will be available to teach 17 weeks in the Fall/Winter 2018-19 semester.

Student & Family Responsibilities:

Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with their assignment books and music. To make good progress, daily quality practice is necessary. I want you to completely understand every assignment. Please ask questions. Students must have an acoustic piano or 88 key, weighted-key keyboard at home. Vocal students should have some kind of keyboard (smaller than 88 keys is fine).


  • Please contact the studio for tuition rates.
  • Tuition may be paid for the full semester at once (with a 5% discount) or by paying in three equal installments.
  • Payment not received by the due date will be allowed a 5 day grace period. After the grace period a $20 late fee per week will be charged. Consistently late payments will result in expulsion from the studio. Please respect the payment schedule.

Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time spent preparing for each student as well. This includes: an individualized plan for each student’s course of study, written progress reports for each child at least once a year, development of teaching materials: often including pieces composed specifically for your child, training and experience, recital preparation and repertoire planning, professional organization memberships, Piano Maestro subscriptions for students, continuing education, bookkeeping, scheduling, time spent on email and phone calls, website cost, maintenance and technology.


  • Students will be allowed to re-schedule one missed lesson per semester.
  • Lessons may only be rescheduled on one of three Flex days during the semester.
  • Please do not send sick students to lessons. Generally, if the student is too sick/contagious to go to school, they are too sick to come to the lesson. If the student is feeling well enough, a Skype lesson may be possible. Please respect others in the studio and do not send a child to a lesson if they have a contagious illness (i.e. pinkeye, a fever, a stomach bug, etc.)
  • Because the studio accommodates a full roster of students, I cannot reschedule missed lessons outside of the Flex days. However, students may use the swap list as many times as they like during the semester to swap lessons with other students. This is the best way to handle student absences, particularly if you know in advance. Most parents receive only a few requests a year from someone who’d like to switch lesson times. Please let me know if you have made a swap so I can plan accordingly. It’s easiest to just cc me on the final email between two parents confirming that a switch will be happening. If a parent emails you to swap, please help that parent out and respond, even if it is just to say no.
  • If a lesson is cancelled due to instructor absence, the lesson may be re-scheduled or a lesson credit will be issued – whichever is more convenient for the student.
  • Re-scheduled lessons that are missed may not be re-scheduled again.


  • Because your tuition covers more than just time spent in lessons (see above), no refunds will be given for missed lessons.
  • Tuition is fully refunded if the student withdraws before the first class or lesson.


  • Please make every effort to arrive on time for your lesson. Because multiple lessons are scheduled back to back, it is not possible to make up lost time due to tardiness.
  • Please be on time when dropping off OR picking up I cannot supervise children before or after lesson times, or while I am teaching another child. It is unsafe.
  • Please ring the studio bell only once, it is loud enough to be heard with one firm push, and multiple, repeated rings during a lesson are very distracting for students. Please also try to limit coming in and out during your student’s lesson, as multiple interruptions are distracting and can pull focus away from your child’s learning time.


  • Students and parents of students are responsible for the payment of all required materials. Materials are not included in the tuition. I will assist with resources to aid student in securing the appropriate materials, and parents will be invoiced separately for these. I do not upcharge lesson materials, I simply ask to be re-imbursed for the cost.
  • For piano students, it is mandatory for students to have an instrument to practice on at home. Please let your teacher know as soon as possible if you are have any questions about or difficulty finding a piano or acceptable keyboard.