The nights are getting longer as it approaches winter here in Brooklyn, and although the skies have been gray for much of the week, our latest Student Spotlight features 16-year-old Trey playing the very beautiful “On A Clear Night” by Melody Bober. Enjoy!

Student Spotlight: The Nights Are Getting Longer Edition!

Prospect Heights is beautiful this time of year.  The trees have changed from greens to yellows and deep reds, and have started dropping their leaves to get ready for winter!  In our newest Student Spotlight, 9-year-old Ben plays the aptly named “Whirling Leaves” from Faber’s Level 2A.  Ben worked hard […]

Student Spotlight: Fall Edition!

Last Saturday, the PHM 2014 year-end recital went off without a hitch. Twenty-nine performers took the stage, performing everything from Mozart to Clementi to songs from the American songbook to Pitbull to Christina Aguilera! Everyone played beautifully and completely wowed the crowd of over 100 parents, friends and relatives that […]

The PHM 2014 Year-end recital – great job everyone!

Congratulations are in order for two Prospect Heights Music students – M’Shiari Gonzalez and Olivia Odom-Johnson!  Both of these talented girls were selected to attend two of New York’s most prestigious performing arts schools! M’Shiari went through 3 rounds of auditions to be selected to attend PPAS (Professional Performing Arts […]

Congratulations to M’Shiari Gonzalez and Olivia Odom-Johnson!

There’s an ice storm happening outside, but 8 year old Nicky is keeping warm by playing his rendition of “The Elf’s Silver Hammer” from Faber’s Piano Adventure’s (Level 2A).   I was impressed by Nicky’s attention to detail during his practice time this week, and his excellent technique.  Nice job […]

Student Spotlight – Ice Storm Edition