A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Practice at Home! Involved parents = successful practice. Successful practice + progress = happy kids. Happy kids = happy parents! It’s no secret, parents who are active participants in the piano lesson process have children who make progress. Kids who can see and […]

How Can I Help My Child Practice?

Prospect Heights is beautiful this time of year.  The trees have changed from greens to yellows and deep reds, and have started dropping their leaves to get ready for winter!  In our newest Student Spotlight, 9-year-old Ben plays the aptly named “Whirling Leaves” from Faber’s Level 2A.  Ben worked hard […]

Student Spotlight: Fall Edition!

I work hard to make sure each lesson is enjoyable and rewarding for the student.  Many parents are looking for activities for their children that will enrich their lives, encourage mental development and give them a sense of accomplishment.  They also want that activity to be fun. This makes sense. […]

Are piano lessons always fun?

My students had a blast composing their own Valentine’s Day Songs and recording them for the website!  Overall, it has been supremely interesting to see each student take the exact same words and rhythms home, and come back with a masterpiece of their own.  Each song is unique and each represents the […]

Student Spotlight #5 – Riley

Okay, so we’e heading into March…but I still have some great student-composed Valentine’s Day Songs to showcase!  This next one comes from talented 7 year old Jack.  Enjoy! Listen to Jack’s Valentine’s Day Song below: Jack’s Valentine’s Day Song

Student Spotlight #4 – Jack

Continuing on with our Spotlight Series, the next talented Prospect Heights Music student is 7 year old Royal.  He is a beginner pianist and budding composer.  He brought this song into his lesson the other day and he agreed to let me share it on the website.  Enjoy! Listen to […]

Student Spotlight #3 – Royal

Well, it’s past Valentine’s Day now, but I couldn’t resist sharing another wonderful Valentine’s Day composition from 7 year old Nina.  The song has the same rhythm and words as Jyothi’s, but a different melody that Nina wrote completely on her own.  I am so lucky to have such talented […]

Student Spotlight #2 – Nina

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, 7 year old Jyothi wrote a beautiful Valentines Day song that we can all enjoy!  I try to encourage my students to compose their own songs as much as possible, using the concepts an ideas that are introduced in our lessons.  It’s always a […]

Student Spotlight #1 – Jyothi